How to wear short hair and glasses?


Choosing the right glasses for short hair

Choosing the right glasses for short hair can be a daunting task, as you want to find a pair that not only complements your facial features but also suits your unique hairstyle. Short haircuts already make a bold statement, and adding the perfect glasses can enhance your overall look even further. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect frames for your short hair.

Firstly, consider the shape of your face when choosing glasses. Different face shapes require different frame styles to achieve a balanced and harmonious look. For example, if you have a round face, opt for rectangular or square-shaped frames to add some angles and definition to your face. On the other hand, if you have a square face shape, try round or oval frames to soften your features.

Secondly, pay attention to the proportion between your glasses and your short hair. Since short haircuts usually leave more of your face exposed, it’s important to avoid overwhelming your look with oversized or heavy frames. Instead, opt for smaller frames or semi-rimless styles to maintain a balanced and proportionate appearance. This way, your glasses will enhance your features rather than overpowering them.

  • Choose frames that match your personal style. Whether you prefer a classic, retro, or trendy look, there are plenty of frame options available to suit your style and personality. Play around with different colors, materials, and patterns to find the frames that best represent your individuality.
  • Consider the color of your frames. The right color can make a significant impact on how your glasses enhance your short hair. Dark-colored frames can provide a bold and edgy look, while neutral or metallic tones can create a more sophisticated and elegant appearance. Experiment with different shades to find the perfect match for your hair color and complexion.
  • Lastly, don’t forget to try on various styles and shapes of glasses to see which ones flatter your short hair the most. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and explore different options. Sometimes, the frames you least expect can turn out to be the perfect choice for your short hair.
Face Shape Recommended Frame Styles
Round Rectangular or square-shaped frames
Square Round or oval frames

In conclusion, choosing the right glasses for your short hair involves considering various factors such as your face shape, proportion, personal style, and color preferences. By following these tips and taking the time to try on different frames, you can find the perfect pair that not only complements your short hair but also enhances your overall look. Embrace your unique style and rock your short hair with confidence!

Styling tips for short hair and glasses

Styling Tips for Short Hair and Glasses

When it comes to styling short hair, finding the right balance between your hairstyle and glasses is essential. Whether you wear prescription glasses or sport trendy frames, these styling tips will help you achieve a flawless and chic look.

1. Consider your face shape: Before choosing a hairstyle, it’s important to take your face shape into account. For round faces, opt for layered cuts that add movement and texture. Square faces can be softened with pixie cuts or asymmetrical styles. Oval faces are versatile and can pull off almost any short hairdo.

2. Highlight your best features: Short hairstyles tend to bring attention to your facial features, so make sure to enhance them with makeup. If you wear glasses, opt for bold eyebrows that frame your face. Experiment with different eyeshadow colors to accentuate your eyes and complement your frames.

3. Accessorize strategically: Accessories can add a touch of personality to your short hair and glasses combination. Headbands or hair clips can keep your hair away from your face while adding a stylish element. Be careful not to overpower your look, though – choose smaller accessories that complement your frames.

4. Balance your proportions: Creating balance between your hairstyle and glasses is key. If you have bold and chunky frames, a sleek and streamlined hairstyle will help maintain equilibrium. On the other hand, if your glasses are more delicate, you can opt for a slightly voluminous or textured hairstyle to avoid visual overload.

5. Experiment and have fun: Don’t be afraid to try different hairstyles and glasses combinations until you find the perfect match. Trying out various styles will help you discover what suits you best and boost your confidence in rocking short hair and glasses.

Remember, styling short hair and glasses is all about finding harmony between your hairstyle, frames, and facial features. Embrace your unique style and rock your short hair and glasses combination with confidence!

Enhancing your features with makeup

Enhancing Your Features with Makeup

Makeup has the incredible power to enhance our natural features and boost our confidence. Whether you wear glasses or not, incorporating makeup into your daily routine can help highlight your best features and create a beautiful, polished look. In this blog post, we will explore various makeup techniques and tips specifically tailored to enhance the features of those with short hair and glasses.

Listed below are some key tips to help you make the most of your makeup to enhance your features:

  1. Focus on the Eyes: Since glasses draw attention to the eyes, it’s important to make them pop. Begin by framing your eyes with well-groomed eyebrows using an eyebrow pencil or powder. Next, apply eyeliner along the upper lash line to define the eyes. Opt for neutral or earthy eyeshadow shades that complement your complexion. Finish off with a coat or two of volumizing mascara to add volume and length to your lashes.
  2. Flawless Complexion: Achieving a flawless complexion is crucial when enhancing your features with makeup. Start with a lightweight foundation or tinted moisturizer that matches your skin tone. Use a concealer to hide any imperfections or dark circles. Set your makeup with a translucent powder to ensure it stays in place all day. A gentle sweep of blush on the apples of your cheeks will add a natural flush to your face.
  3. Statement Lips: If you prefer a bold lip color, it can beautifully complement your short hair and glasses. Opt for shades that suit your complexion, such as deep reds, bold berries, or vibrant pinks. Alternatively, if you prefer a more subtle look, go for nude shades that provide a polished finish without overpowering your overall appearance.

When it comes to makeup, it’s important to remember that less is more. The goal is to enhance your natural features, so avoid going overboard with heavy makeup. Use these tips as a starting point and feel free to experiment with different techniques and products to find what works best for you. Remember, confidence is the key to carrying any look, so embrace your unique features and let your makeup enhance your natural beauty.

Table: Makeup Essentials

Product Usage
Eyebrow pencil or powder Defines and shapes eyebrows
Eyeliner Defines and accentuates the eyes
Eyeshadow Adds color and dimension to the eyelids
Mascara Lengthens and volumizes lashes
Foundation or tinted moisturizer Evens out the complexion
Concealer Camouflages imperfections
Translucent powder Sets the makeup in place
Blush Adds a natural flush to the cheeks
Lipstick or lip gloss Provides color and finish to the lips

Accessorizing short hair with glasses

Accessorizing Short Hair with Glasses

Short hair can be a bold and stylish choice that allows your facial features to take center stage. However, if you wear glasses, finding the right accessories to complement your short hair can sometimes be a challenge. The key is to strike a balance that enhances your overall look without overwhelming your face. In this blog post, we will explore some tips and ideas for accessorizing short hair with glasses, so you can feel confident and stylish every day.

When it comes to accessorizing short hair with glasses, it’s important to keep in mind the overall proportion and balance of your look. Since short hair typically exposes more of your face, it’s crucial to choose accessories that don’t overpower your features. Opt for smaller, delicate pieces that won’t compete with your glasses. A dainty necklace with a simple pendant or a pair of stud earrings can add a touch of elegance without overwhelming your look.

List of tips for accessorizing short hair with glasses:

  • Choose smaller, delicate accessories: Avoid chunky or oversized jewelry that can overpower your face.
  • Experiment with different hair accessories: Headbands, hair clips, and barrettes can add a fun and stylish touch to your short hair.
  • Consider the color of your glasses: Coordinate your accessories with the color of your frames to create a cohesive look.
  • Focus on one statement piece: If you want to wear a bold accessory, keep the rest of your look simple to avoid visual overload.
  • Highlight your best features: Use accessories strategically to draw attention to your favorite facial features, such as a statement necklace to enhance your neckline.

Additionally, consider incorporating table some statement glasses into your collection. While classic and understated frames are always a safe choice, don’t be afraid to explore bold and unique designs that reflect your personal style. Angular or geometric frames can add a contemporary touch, while cat-eye frames can exude a retro vibe. By choosing glasses that complement your short hair and reflect your personality, you can transform your eyewear from a necessity to a stylish accessory.

At the end of the day, accessorizing short hair with glasses is all about finding the perfect balance between functionality and style. With the right accessories and a dash of confidence, you can create a look that enhances your short hair and accentuates your glasses, allowing you to showcase your unique personality and fashion sense. So, embrace your short hair and glasses combo, and let your accessories shine!

Creating balance with hairstyle and glasses

Creating Balance with Hairstyle and Glasses

When it comes to choosing the perfect glasses to complement your hairstyle, it’s important to consider how they can create a sense of balance and harmony. The right hairstyle can enhance and frame your face while the glasses can serve as a stylish accessory. By carefully selecting both elements, you can achieve a cohesive look that not only suits your personal style but also brings out the best features of your face. Let’s explore some tips on how to create balance with hairstyle and glasses.

Firstly, it’s essential to consider the shape of your face when choosing both glasses and hairstyle. Different face shapes call for different styles. For example, if you have a round face, angular glasses and hairstyles with volume on top can help add definition and create a more balanced appearance. On the other hand, if you have a square face, glasses with softer lines and layered hairstyles can soften your features and create a more harmonious look.


  • Consider your face shape
  • Choose glasses that complement your hairstyle
  • Experiment with different hairstyles
  • Seek professional advice
  • Accessorize wisely

Next, it’s important to ensure that your glasses and hairstyle work together rather than compete for attention. If you have bold, statement glasses, opting for a simpler hairstyle can prevent the overall look from appearing too busy or overwhelming. On the other hand, if your glasses are more subtle, you can consider experimenting with different hairstyles to add interest and balance to your face.

Moreover, seeking professional advice can be incredibly helpful when trying to create balance with hairstyle and glasses. A skilled hairstylist or optician can analyze your face shape and recommend styles and frames that will complement your features. They can also provide insights into current trends and help you make informed decisions about your overall look.


Hairstyle Glasses
Short Pixie Cut Round, oversized frames
Bob with Bangs Cat-eye frames
Long Layers Rectangular frames

Lastly, accessorizing wisely can elevate your style and help create balance. Consider the colors and materials of your glasses when choosing other accessories, such as earrings or necklaces. Opt for complementary tones and textures to ensure a cohesive and harmonious overall look.

Creating balance with hairstyle and glasses is all about understanding your unique features and finding styles that work together to enhance your overall appearance. By considering your face shape, seeking professional advice, and accessorizing wisely, you can achieve a balanced and stylish look that showcases your personality and boosts your confidence.

Tips for avoiding visual overload

When it comes to choosing glasses for our short hair, we often face the dilemma of finding the right pair that enhances our features without overwhelming our overall look. With so many options available, it can be easy to fall into the trap of visual overload. But fret not, for we have some valuable tips to help you avoid this common pitfall and achieve a harmonious balance.

First and foremost, consider the shape of your face. Different face shapes require different styles of glasses to achieve a flattering look. For round faces, angular frames such as square or rectangular shapes can add definition and structure. On the other hand, if you have a more angular face shape, opt for round or oval frames to soften your features. It is essential to choose glasses that complement your face shape rather than compete with it.

Another key tip is to keep the color in mind. While it can be tempting to opt for bold and vibrant frames, they may clash with your short hair and create a visual overload. Instead, choose glasses in neutral colors that can seamlessly blend in with your hair. Alternatively, you can also opt for frames in complementary colors that enhance your overall look.

  • Frame material: Consider the material of the frame as it can greatly impact the overall visual effect. Lightweight materials such as titanium or acetate can be a great choice for short hair as they provide a delicate and elegant look.
  • Proportions: Pay attention to the proportions of the glasses in relation to your face and hair. Avoid oversized frames that can overpower your features and opt for a size that complements your facial structure.
  • Use accessories: Adding accessories to your short hair can help create balance and add interest to your overall appearance. Consider wearing statement earrings or a headband to draw attention away from your glasses and create a focal point elsewhere.
Types of Glasses for Different Face Shapes
Face Shape Recommended Glasses
Round Angular frames (square or rectangular)
Oval Round or oval frames
Square Round or oval frames
Heart Bottom-heavy frames (cat-eye or aviator)
Diamond Top-heavy frames (browline or clubmaster)

Lastly, confidence is key. Regardless of the glasses you choose, it is crucial to wear them with confidence. Embrace your short hair and glasses as unique features that enhance your individuality. When you feel confident in your own skin, visual overload becomes irrelevant as your personality shines through.

Confidence boosters for short hair and glasses

In today’s society, short hair and glasses are no longer seen as limitations but as unique features that can enhance one’s appearance. However, it is common for individuals to experience a lack of confidence when it comes to styling their short hair and wearing glasses. It is important to remember that confidence comes from within and can be boosted by embracing and accentuating your natural features. This blog post will provide you with some valuable tips and tricks to boost your confidence when rocking short hair and glasses.

One confidence booster for short hair and glasses is choosing the right frames. The frames you wear can have a significant impact on your overall look and how you feel about yourself. Opt for frames that complement your face shape and the style of your short hair. Whether you prefer bold and chunky frames or sleek and minimalist ones, finding the perfect pair can instantly elevate your confidence.

Another confidence booster is accessorizing your short hair with glasses. Adding decorative hair clips, headbands, or scarves can draw attention to your stylish short hair and complement your glasses. Experiment with different accessories to enhance your overall look and showcase your personal style. Remember, confidence is all about feeling comfortable and expressing yourself authentically.

  • Choose frames that complement your face shape and short hair style.
  • Experiment with accessories like hair clips, headbands, or scarves.
  • Embrace and highlight your natural features to boost confidence.
Confidence Boosters for Short Hair and Glasses
Choosing the right frames
Accessorizing your short hair with glasses
Embracing and highlighting your natural features

Additionally, enhancing your natural features with makeup can be a great way to boost your confidence. For example, defining your eyebrows can frame your face and draw attention to your eyes behind your glasses. Experiment with different makeup looks that complement your short hair and enhance your facial features. Using highlighter on the high points of your face such as the cheekbones, brow bones, and nose bridge can add a subtle glow and make you feel radiant.

Lastly, creating harmony and balance between your hairstyle and glasses can significantly boost your confidence. Consider consulting with a professional hairstylist who specializes in short hair to find a style that complements your face shape and works well with your glasses. A well-executed haircut and a flattering frame can work together to create a cohesive and confident look.

In conclusion, embracing short hair and glasses can be a powerful confidence booster. By choosing the right frames, accessorizing your short hair, enhancing your natural features with makeup, and creating balance between your hairstyle and glasses, you can feel confident and showcase your unique style. Remember, confidence starts from within, so embrace your individuality and let your short hair and glasses shine.


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