Allison Bridenbaugh


Allison Bridenbaugh – Contact

Phone: 615-739-6966
Address: 633 West Iris Drive Nashville, TN 37204

Allison Bridenbaugh – Social Media

Instagram: allisonkatebeauty

About Allison Bridenbaugh

Allison Bridenbaugh, a true artist of hair styling, possesses an unmatched talent for creating awe-inspiring hairstyles. With an authentic American accent, she crafts stunning looks that captivate and inspire. Allison’s innovative techniques and unwavering attention to detail ensure a professional and personalized experience for each client. From cutting-edge cuts to vibrant color transformations, her creations reflect a perfect blend of artistry and individuality. With a commitment to client satisfaction, Allison Bridenbaugh has established herself as a trusted name in the realm of hair artists. Embark on a transformative journey of beauty and self-expression with Allison, the visionary hair stylist who can bring your hair aspirations to life.


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